Civil Site Work Specialty Contractor Since 1978!

Specialty Contractor since 1978

Experience is one of the best qualities on which to base your hiring decision, and we have plenty. Below you'll find a variety of projects both completed and ongoing with which we've been involved. From this extensive list of various types of projects, know we will have the expertise, experience and skill to complete any project you might have, regardless of the projects size or scope. Feel free to contact us for additional information regarding any of the projects listed below.

Oregon Projects

We are licensed, Bonded and Insured for projects in Oregon.  Here are some of our projects completed in Oregon.

  • Feenaughty Equipment Storm Drain Improvements – Portland
  • Cannery Lofts – Astoria
  • River Bend Condominiums – Lake Oswego

PR Worth ensures a profitable, successful and safe project.

At P.R. Worth Inc., we pride ourselves on offering our clients the widest range of services possible in order to ensure a profitable, successful, safe project for everyone involved. Whether you require new ground up construction, renovation, seismic upgrades or other excavation related improvements, our experienced teams can provide what you need.

Washington Projects

We are licensed, Bonded and Insured for projects in Washington.  Here are some of our projects completed in Washington.

  • Skamania Hospital – Skamania
  • Power Substation Improvements – Various Locations
  • St John's Hospital – Longview

Soil for Sale

Contact Steve Wagner at (971) 253-9456
Sandy Loam
Screened Top Soil
Wood Chips


Contact Steve Wagner at (971) 253-9456
Clean Dirt
Brush up to 6" Dia
Trees over 6" Dia
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